Kundensegment Öl- & Gas-Raffination

Öl- & Gas-Raffination

Produktivität steigern & ökologischere Prozesse im Umgang mit Gas

Öl- & Gas-Raffination

Öl- & Gas-Raffination

Rohöl und Erdgas sind definitionsgemäß die Rohstoffe der Petrochemie. Dabei werden bereits bei der Gewinnung Inertgase wie N2 und CO2 im großen Stile eingesetzt. Der Verarbeitungsprozess von Rohöl umfasst mehrere Schritte um die gewünschten Endprodukte herzustellen. Auch hier werden bei vielen dieser Prozessschritte Gase von Messer eingesetzt.


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Dr. Nina
van Gellecom
Manager Chemical applications
Senior Manager Chemical & Environmental applications

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Dr. Nina
van Gellecom
Manager Chemical applications


null Food 2023 - Text

Hungry for new insights in the food sector?

Our applications and knowledge make a decisive contribution to increasing the yield and shelf life of food and avoiding its waste. The food production is considered particularly climate-relevant. In addition, vegan and vegetarian products are playing an increasingly important role in many countries. 

If your company produces, processes, packages and/or transports food, you have to face these challenges!



Nutrition 2.0 feeds your knowledge about food in a changing food sector - in only one day! 

· insider presentations on innovations in the food industry such as reducing waste, decarbonisation and new alternative protein sources

· hands-on learning in special workshops and live trials 

· expanded networking with partners from your business field



Join us on one of the following dates:

Wednesday, June 21, 2023


Thursday, June 22, 2023

in our Competence Center in Krefeld, Germany


Use the workshops of Nutrition 2.0 to take your process chain to the next level.

Workshop 1: Sustainable food production - efficient and gentle processes
Learn how to treat your products in order to increase their shelf life and to gain a higher quality 

Workshop 2: Keeping it cool and fresh - cold chain and freezing solutions 
Get an insight into the future of sustainable solutions in the field of transport cooling and freezing

Workshop 3: Food of the future - new food products and alternative protein sources
Collect new ideas for your product portfolio



To receive further details and to register for Nutrition 2.0 please enter your contact data:

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