revised_Application technology COD removal with ozone in the Water utilities sector

Cracking of persistent COD with ozone

Equipment, expertise and gas for a complete solution


The strong oxidising agent ozone eliminates many problematic substances totally, or at least oxidises them to smaller molecules which can be easily treated in the biological step. Supplementary treatment with ozone is carried out parallel to or after biological cleaning.


Ozone consists of three Oxygen atoms and is seen as one of the strongest oxidising agents, only Fluor has a higher electrochemical potential.  Nevertheless products coming out of an oxidation with Ozone are smaller organic molecules, CO2 and Oxygen in its original appearance which do not salt up the treated waste water.  Depending on the task, ozone is either used for direct reaction with individual wastewater constituents or, in the so-called Advanced Oxidation Process, for the formation of extremely reactive but non-selective OH radicals. Ozone is not stable and therefore not storable, it must be produced on site from Oxygen in ozone generators.  

The advantages of ozone treatment at a glance:

  • Increases COD breakdown rate 
  • Ensures compliance to limits consent levels and annual loads for COD, colour, and other sum parameters.
  • Avoids salination of water and facilitates the reuse of treated water   
  • Eliminates micro-pollutants



With experience and know-how, Messer ensures that you can take full advantage of the benefits of an ozone treatment with pure Oxygen supply at your waste water treatment plant. For this purpose Messer offers:

  • Complete pilot plants for feasibility studies on a laboratory scale
  • Experiments in expert laboratories
  • Oxygen storage and Oxygen supply
  • Ecovap evaporator for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective use of the inherent coldness of cryogenic Oxygen
  • Supervision of the tests and commissioning
  • Support from our national and international experts

revised_Customer process COD removal with ozone in the Water utilities sector

COD removal

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