Teaser TBRC/Kaldo-Verfahren

Revised Customer process TBRC/Kaldo process in the Non ferrous metals sector

TBRC/Kaldo process

Large scale production of lead


In a Top Blown Rotary Converter (TBRC) or a Caldo-Converter the feed material is additionally exposed to the rotation of the converter.  Roasting, melting and reduction are carried out in a single unit resulting in economic and environmental advantages. Energy input is by means of burners.

Anwendungstechnik TBRC/Kaldo-Verfahren in der Nichteisenmetallindustrie

TBRC/Kaldo-Verfahren mit Gasen

Emissionen senken, Produktion erhöhen, Brennstoff einsparen mit maßgeschneiderten Sauerstoffanwendungen

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