Revised Application technology UV-curing in the printing sector


Environmentally Friendly Coating through Radiation-Curing under Inert Conditions


Ultraviolet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) curing is an environmentally friendly technology which uses no solvents to dry coatings, adhesives and inks at low energy consumption. Nitrogen is used to displace the oxygen in the curing chamber.


Messer offers the necessary know how and many years of experience in industrial applications including consultation and testing at your UV or EB machine with a tailor-made technical design for an optimal oxygen concentration measurement determining the residual oxygen level in the radiation chamber. Messer delivers and installs the required pipes, pressure regulators and metering devices to provide the supply of the high purity nitrogen required at your printing unit.

Überarbeitetes Kundenverfahren Elektronenstrahlhärtung im Drucksektor

UV - Elektronenstrahl-Härtung

Vorbereitung der Druckoberfläche


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