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Nitrogen (N2) is known for its protective qualities, which is why it is often used in inerting and shielding applications where an oxygen-free atmosphere is required. Medium-sized consumers often use N2 as a “utility gas”, which is supplied in liquid form. The focus is on a particularly cost-effective supply.

In order to meet the demand for larger quantities of nitrogen at low costs, Messer has developed the CryoGAN generator. This is a special nitrogen production unit that operates on the principle of cryogenic air separation.

The plant layout is based on the Messer safety and reliability philosophy which has been applied for over 20 years in operating air separation plants for the supply of customers world-wide.

The nitrogen generator has been designed for the ease of operation (under normal conditions) and low maintenance. In order to minimize personnel and operating costs, all equipment and process controls will be operated and monitored by a computer control system.

The plant is designed for automatic control and automatic operation under normal operating conditions.

Messer develops and builds the CryoGAN generators in-house. The units are modular in design and offer a graduated capacity range from 300 Nm3/h to 15 000 Nm3/h.

Major feature of CryoGAN nitrogen generator:


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Major feature of CryoGAN nitrogen generator ( 1 column)

Capacity: 300 to 15,000 Nm3/h nitrogen
Purity: 99.999 to 99.9999 (2.0 to 0.2 ppm O2)
Supply pressure: 4 -10 bar (g)
Operating range: 100-60%
Specific energy: 0.24-0.38 kWh/Nm3
Availability >99.9%

Major feature of CryoGAN 250624

Reduction of CO2 emissions
Configured for CAPEX and/or OPEX
Designed for 24x7 operations
Safe, reliable, simple to operate, easy to maintain
Plug-and-play installation
Short construction time (~14 months)


Reliable backup supply GAN

Reliable Backup Supply

A reliable supply from a backup source – just in case it is ever needed – is the icing on the cake of any on-site concept, allowing the customer to sleep soundly in terms of gas supplies, even when there are maintenance downtimes, power outages or other unforeseen events. Our regional logistics network with centrally managed pan-European coordination, combined with sophisticated production planning, ensures that every customer receives a reliable supply of technical gases from Messer, even during planned and unplanned downtimes.

Optional co-products for oxygen generator:

  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Compressed dry air
  • Residual air (enriched in oxygen)



The nitrogen produced by the CryoGAN nitrogen generator is ideal for the chemicaloil and gasautomotiveagricultural and food industrieselectronics and other industries including production of lithium-ion batteries.

Based on the requirements, wishes of the client and the agreed conditions, the CryoGAN nitrogen generator with a backup system will be installed on the client's territory. The system allows to guarantee the continuous supply of the customer's production with gas of the required volume and pressure


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Diagram of a CryoGAN nitrogen generator

Diagram of a CryoGAN nitrogen generator

Powerful as a matter of principle Irrespective of their capacity, the basic principle is the same for all CryoGAN nitrogen generators and consists of the following components

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