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obsolete: Application technology noble metals in the Non ferrous metals sector

Noble metals

Finishing the surface

Noble metals (precious metals) refer to silver (Ag), gold (Au), ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), palladium (Pd), osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), and platinum (Pt). Except Ag and Au, the others are collectively called platinum metals. Noble metals are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic, electrical, marine, and aviation industry.


Definition according to DIN EN 10052: „Annealing carried out in a medium that allows the original metallic surface finish to be maintained by preventing oxidation of the metal.“

Annealing is a „heat treatment consisting of heating and soaking at a suitable temperature followed by cooling under conditions such that, after return to ambient temperature, the metal will be in a structural state closer to that of equilibrium.“

A medium is an „environment in which the product is placed during a heat treatment operation. The medium can be solid, liquid or gaseous. “

The protective gas consists of nitrogen and hydrogen. The maximum concentration of the hydrogen is 5%. We use the brand name Neutrotherm.

The hydrogen content in nitrogen-hydrogen mixture exceeds 5%. We use the brand name Hydrotherm.


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