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Schweissen und Schneiden 2023 - Messer Group Anwendungstechnik

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Schweissen & Schneiden 2023


As the world's largest privately held specialist for industrial gases, our goal is to consolidate and expand your success through gases, know-how and services. Discover our innovative products and solutions - at "Schweißen und Schneiden 2023", September 11-15, 2023 in Essen, Germany!

Schweissen und Schneiden 2023


More economy, environmental and health protection in oxyfuel technology

Use the potential of hydrogen as a powerful fuel gas alternative! HyCut is a genuine innovation from Messer - without CO2 emissions but with measurable cost benefits, greater health protection and first-class quality. This is made possible by the interaction of special burners and nozzles that can be optimally adjusted for every application - in automated or manual operation. Experience the world premiere of HyCut!

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... with best welding results

The modern shielding gases of our Inline product family, Aluline, Ferroline and Inoxline, provide even more efficiency and health protection in the workplace. Also achieve top values in weldability, spatter and tarnish reduction, arc stabilization as well as in reducing your helium consumption.

Ferroline C6X1

Less welding fume, more occupational safety

Not only since the reassessment of the risk of lung cancer from welding fumes has Messer been actively contributing to reducing the generation of welding fumes during welding work. To this end, we have long offered the shielding gas Ferroline C8 (ISO 14175 - M20-ArC-8) for unalloyed steels. Even more effective is the shielding gas Ferroline C6 X1 (ISO 14175 - M24-ArCO-6/1), which measurably reduces welding fumes and at the same time the manganese concentration in the welding fumes.


Always the right shielding gas mixtures at hand

Manual laser welding is characterized by high precision, low heat input and easy handling - with the right shielding gas. With the Lasline mixtures, Messer offers you optimized shielding gases for the most important material groups - unalloyed structural steel and high-alloy austenitic stainless steel. Among other things, they are characterized by deeper penetration, better flank angles and fewer pores.


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Gases, mixers, filters

Tailor-made for laser cutting

Our Lasline, Nitrocut and Oxycut product ranges include all the necessary gases and gas mixtures for laser material processing. With our NitroPro mixers, you can produce customized mixtures for high-pressure laser cutting directly on site. For smaller requirements, you benefit from our ready-to-use mixtures. And with our customized filtration solutions, keep your machine technology free of unwanted particles.


Well informed about our gases

Are you looking for the right gas for your application? The Messer Gas Scout guides you quickly and easily to your goal: just a few clicks on your cell phone or laptop are enough to display suitable standard gases and recommended protective gas mixtures.

MegaPack D

Digital communication for automatic replenishment

With its MegaPack D gas bundles, Messer is the first major industrial gas company to offer you the option of digitally transmitting fill levels and thus optimizing your individual gas supply. MegaPack D works independently of the customer's information infrastructure and includes all bundles on site, whether they are in use or not. Freely selectable service modules open up individual follow-up actions - right up to complete takeover of your replenishment by Messer.

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Schweissen und Schneiden 2023