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High quality gases for the Electronics Industry

Electronic Specialty Gases - Introduction

A broad range of Electronic Specialty Gases

The globally increasing demand for electronic devices in various segments requires the manufacturing of profoundly complex semiconductor chips with up to 1000 distinct process steps. Sophisticated accuracy in the production as well as uttermost quality of utilised raw materials is therefore crucial in every single step of the manufacturing process, from the production of silicon wafers to the final passivation layer of the finished microchip. Messer offers the full range of high purity bulk gases as well as a broad scope of Electronic Specialty Gases (ESG) for the extensive process steps in the relevant segments of Semiconductor, Display, LED and Solar manufacturing.

Electronic Specialty Gases - Introduction II

Reliable Product Quality and Supply

The electronics industry – and in particular the semiconductor market – is one of the most diverse, competitive and growing markets world-wide. Due to the strict supply chain for the manufacturing of electronics as well as its challenging complexity, a stable and smooth supply of high-grade raw materials is crucial and essential. Messer is a proficient partner and reliable supplier for Electronic Specialty Gases, capable of providing our customers with ultra-pure gases close to their individual requirements. Messer demonstrates a profound level of expertise in development, production and analysis, enables trustworthy supply as well as fast delivery times while being a competent and responsive distributor for Electronic Specialty Gases.

Electronic Specialty Gases - Introduction III

Cylinders, Storage Tanks, On-Site Bulk Supply

Messer offers the full scope of gas supply for the particular needs of our customers. We cover the full delivery range from small cylinders over storage tanks to bulk supply system on-site. We are pleased to assist you in finding the optimal delivery method for your specific applications and requirements. We especially offer an on-site model to produce eco-friendly, renewable and therefore clean hydrogen (H2), leaving a green footprint for the future applications in the Electronics Industry.

Overview Electronic Specialty Gases by Messer

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