Medical gases


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Medical gases

Messer supplies medical gases for more than 100 years. In healthcare sector, medical gases play an essential role. They are used – and are indispensable – in emergency situations, as a constituent of therapies, or for diagnostic purposes. Medical gases are used in various treatments. Medical oxygen is most common and easy-to-understand product used in hospital but what is exactly medical oxygen and how it differs from industrial oxygen?

What is medical oxygen?

Oxygen is essential for humankind to breathe. There is approximately 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. However, if one does not have enough oxygen in the blood, the body cannot function properly. Then we have to get oxygen externally for them. This way the oxygen needs to be certified as medical oxygen. Medical oxygen is certified to contain above a certain percentage of oxygen, and below a certain percentage of impurities. Moreover, not only the medical gas needs to be certified but also the medical oxygen tank needs to go through medical certification. The medical oxygen tank should be cleaned to a certain standard. This way there will be no impurities added to the medical oxygen by the tank itself. Regulations must be complied with to ensure that it is being properly dispensed and that it is traceable, with a lot number in the event of a recall.

Medical oxygen usage

Medical oxygen are used to maintain enough oxygen level in the blood so that the body can function properly, whereas the industrial oxygen is the form used in industrial application such as combustion, oxidation, cutting and chemical reactions etc. The industrial oxygen purity levels may not be appropriate for human use and there could be impurities from dirty equipment or industrial storage.

Medical oxygen quality

Messer quality contains every aspect of medical gas for a wide of applications and requirements in healthcare industry.

Medical gases in healthcare

Messer Healthcare provide the immediate supports for doctors, nurses and patients, where the help is needed. We supply medical gases in portable cylinders at hospitals or even directly through pipeline to hospital wards. Besides medical gas supply, Messer also offer a comprehensive product portfolio. Messer also provides services ranging from consultation on the delivery of medical gases to the planning, installation and maintenance of supply systems – a complete service package from a single source. Medical accessories, consumables such as humidifiers, nasal cannulae and oxygen masks, extension hoses, and matching connectors and adapters round out the offering.

Medical gases supply chain

Messer ensures that the medical gas supply meets high standards of reliability and precision. The standards are met through regular internal audits, a standardised pharmacovigilance system with validated procedures and validated computerised systems. Through the competence and expertise in medical gases, Messer can offer customers exactly what they need: medical gases supply with a full range of accessories, with the highest possible product quality and comprehensive service all from a single source - including complete control throughout the value chain and extremely high supply reliability – for all medical specialties where medical gases are used!

Medical gases


Medical gases - Medicinal gases - Medical equipment - Legislation - Commercial offers

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