Revised Application technology packaging in the Food & Beverages sector

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Longer shelf life and an attractive product appearance through modified atmosphere packaging with gases


If foodstuffs are packed in air, they are exposed to atmospheric conditions which can lead to undesirable changes to the product. The main influences here are oxidation by atmospheric oxygen as well as microbial infestation by bacteria and mould. 

By displacing the ambient atmosphere, protective gases can reduce the oxidative changes to foodstuffs and microbial activity. By packaging under a protective gas atmosphere, the shelf life of food can be extended to three times the normal value. Usually carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, argon and gas mixtures of these components are used. Depending on the type of product modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP) is applied. 


  • Extended shelf-life
  • Reduction in growth of bacteria and mould
  • Simplified logistics
  • Cost savings
  • Attractive appearance
  • No squeezing (of fluid content) of product compared to vacuum packing

Messer offers various gases for protective gas packaging as part of the Gourmet program. All gases used for packaging such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are natural components of ambient air.  

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