Application technology drinking water treatment with ozone in the Water utilities sector

Ozone treatment of drinking water

Oxidation of contaminants


In principle, ozone can be produced from atmospheric oxygen. However, production from pure oxygen achieves a much higher ozone concentration in the product gas and thus offers many advantages such as lower investment costs, lower energy consumption, higher efficiency of dissolution and smaller space requirement. The maintenance-intensive treatment and drying of compressed air is left out completely. The production of ozone from pure oxygen is thus more economical in medium and large plants and has further advantages, amongst others, with regard to drinking water quality. For these reasons, modern ozone generators are almost always operated with pure oxygen. Many older generators operating with air have already been upgraded to pure oxygen in order to take advantage of pure oxygen operation.

Advantages of ozone production from pure oxygen:

  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower annual costs
  • Compacter plant with lower space requirements
  • Plant and process are simpler and thus more robust 
  • Rapid dissolution and uniform distribution of ozone, improved water quality 


Messer provides the required supply of gaseous or liquid oxygen at the appropriate quality. Additionally, Messer offer test-facilites for process optimisation. 

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Drinking water treatment with ozone

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