revised_Application technology reverse osmosis in the Water utilities sector

Nanofiltration/Reverse osmosis with CO2

Increased lifetime of membranes


CO2-injection is used in both, avoidance measures and cleaning cycles:


pH-adjustment of the inlet water prevents scale build-up on the membranes. Depending on further use, CO2 is the acid of choice
A rinse according the CO2-water flush process* cleans spirally wound membranes of organic deposits and particles. Water saturated with CO2 is used as rinsing water. The targeted degassing of CO2 in the spacer channels leads to a significant increase in the rinsing turbulence and causes efficient removal of contamination from the spacers.

Advantages compared to chemical cleaning:

  • Very short cleaning time: 5 minutes compared to 8 hours
  • Higher cleaning efficiency for the spacers  
  • Environment-friendly: the CO2-footprint is reduced up to 75 %
  • Existing plants can be retrofitted  
  • Low investment and operating costs


For membrane processes Messer provides

  • Design of pH-adjustement and of the CO2-saturated water preparation   
  • CO2-unit with supply tanks, evaporator, metering station and feed hardware
  • CO2 supply
  • Support from our national and international experts

The CO2-water flush process is protected by patents belonging to Vitens and WE Consult (NL) and is marketed under license by RWB Water

revised_Customer process reverse osmosis in the Water utilities sector

Reverse osmosis

CO2 as anti-scaling agent

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