revised_Application technology adjustment of pH value in the Water utilities sector

Balancing the LSI index

Facilitate regulation, reduce salt content and maintenance cost


For pH adjustment before coagulation, CO2 is the acid of choice. Dissolved in water, CO2 reacts as a weak acid which is excellently suited for the precise adjustment of the pH value in water. The figure below shows the typical flat neutralisation curve with weakly acidic carbon dioxide compared to a strongly acidic mineral acid.



For the rapid and complete dissolutionof CO2, Messer supplies diverse, widely tested technologies, varying from fine-bubble injection directly into the main water stream to complete dissolution in a side stream under hydraulically defined conditions. In each project, we specify and offer the injection and control technology. Additionally, we calculate your CO2 demand.

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Revised Customer process pH regulation in the Food & Beverages sector - Dairy

pH regulation with CO2 gas

Adjusting the pH value of the milk to the desired level by using CO2 gas

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