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Oil and Gas Refining

Oil and Gas Refining

By definition, crude oil and natural gas are the raw materials of the petrochemical industry, with inert gases such as N2 and CO2 already used on a large-scale during their extraction. The processing of crude oil to the desired end products involves several steps. Again, gases from Messer are used in many of these process steps.

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Dr. Nina
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Manager Chemical applications

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Hydrogen cutting - a complete solution

Combining the expertise of multiple companies to provide you a complete solution

Autogenous cutting with hydrogen started 100 years ago, but only two years ago Messer SE and Messer cutting started to combine their expertise to provide a modern complete solution from state of the art hydrogen gas supply to adapted cutting equipment and pheripherals that enables you to deliver the benefits of economy and ecology of hydrogen cutting & flaming to your workplace.

Messer looks at your consumption profile to define the best supply scheme for your hydrogen supply. The avent of the "hydrogen" economy results in more readily available hydrogen and the fast-track development of new & most cost effective hydrogen onsite technologies

The know how to supply the right pipelines and regulation equipment according to the legally required safety standards is essential to bring the hydrogen to the point of use, regardless whether you are consuming the hydrogen  in your cutting machine or flame straigthening equipment

Combining the hardware expertise of Messer cutting systems with the gas know how of Messer allows either company to provide you a package and a  complete solution to make the new technology work

Hydrogen cutting profoundly changes the dynamics of the cutting and substantially reduces the emmisions during the cutting process. Independent investigations confirmed our initial hunge in concrete results that we can share

Hydrogen is not only a solution for autogeneous cutting but also offers solutions for flame straigthening and preheating, provided you use the right adapted hardware. Talk to our experts


This is not just theory but our complete solutions have convinced renknowned brands in the industry to team with Messer and benefit from the complete Messer solutions

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Productivity increase, production throughput and ecological improvement with gases, expertise & know-how, onsite trials, research and development, commercial offers

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