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Oil and Gas Refining

Oil and Gas Refining

By definition, crude oil and natural gas are the raw materials of the petrochemical industry, with inert gases such as N2 and CO2 already used on a large-scale during their extraction. The processing of crude oil to the desired end products involves several steps. Again, gases from Messer are used in many of these process steps.

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Dr. Nina
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Dr. Nina
van Gellecom
Manager Chemical applications

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null Brenner technology hardware

Oxyfuel burners with Oxipyr technology

Low Nox, high performance custom made oxyfuel burner technology

Oxipyr-technology for oxy-fuel combustion, Oxijet-technology for injection and enrichment

In heating-, melting-, refining-, purging- and calcination processes carried out in many different kind of furnaces, for the production of non-ferrous- and ferrous metals, glass, ceramic, mineral materials and many other purposes, it is often useful to inject oxygen or other gases or to use oxy-fuel combustion. Under the brand name Oxipyr and Oxijet, Messer has developed two equipment families for injection and combustion processes respectively units, aiming at a wide range of applications. The strengths of the Oxipyr- and Oxijet technology are high capacity, low downtimes, low emissions and flexible adaptation to different existing heating-, melting-, refining-, purging- and calcination processes.

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