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Oil and Gas Refining

Oil and Gas Refining

By definition, crude oil and natural gas are the raw materials of the petrochemical industry, with inert gases such as N2 and CO2 already used on a large-scale during their extraction. The processing of crude oil to the desired end products involves several steps. Again, gases from Messer are used in many of these process steps.

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Dr. Nina
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Dr. Nina
van Gellecom
Manager Chemical applications

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null Paper production

Paper production

On the paper machine, paper is produced out of processed plant fibers (mechanical, chemical pulp, recycled fibers). At first fibers are distributed in water, pre-treated, mixed with other raw materials and - after further dilution and making the water/fiber mixture as uniform as possibly - introduced to the headbox. From there, this suspension is brought to the wire where sheet forming and the first step of dewatering takes place. Further dewatering steps are carried out in the press section and the drying section. In the water circuit of the paper machine the major amount of water used for paper making is recovered.

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