Teaser Reheating furnace Non ferrous metal

Copper reheating furnace customer process

Reheating furnace

Heat-up for bringing copper into final shape


Heat treatment changes material structure and properties. The annealing process is one of many heat treatment steps. The material is thereby heated in a controlled manner and, depending on the desired property, cooled after a certain holding time at different speeds. Continuous but also discontinuous heat treatment furnaces of different types are used for this purpose.   

Energy input to the furnace is carried out either electrically or with the help of burners, where burner systems and burner positions differ from furnace to furnace. Burner systems with air/oxygen-enrichment and oxyfuel burner systems fundamentally exhibit higher thermal efficiency and other advantages over cold air burner systems.    

Revised Application technology reheating furnace in the Non ferrous metals sector

Reheating furnace

Lowering emissions, increasing production, saving fuel with tailormade oxygen applications

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