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Discover application areas, properties and measurable benefits of our Ferroline, Inoxline and Aluline shielding gas mixtures for arc welding.

Nested Applications

weld quality

Enhanced weld
seam quality



Less welding fumes for
greater workplace safety


laser hand

Best results in laser
hand welding


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Ferroline - Shielding gases for MAG welding mild steels

In this application, the most frequently used shielding gas is ISO-14175 -
M21-ArC-18. Messer markets this gas under the brand name Ferroline C18.

Ferroline C18 (ISO 14175 - M21-ArC-18)

In addition to that, we offer you two new
Ferroline mixtures. They all enable enhanced weld seam quality through the following properties:

Ferroline C12 X2 (ISO 14175 - M24-ArCO-12/2)

Ferroline C6 X1 (ISO 14175 - M24-ArCO-6/1)



ferroline benefits

Your benefits:

Nested Applications

Ferroline benefits 1


  • much less spatter
  • less rework
  • less slag formation
  • shorter idle time

ferroline benefits 2


  • high deposition
  • nearly spatter-free

ferroline benefits 3


  • less welding fumes
  • less distortion
  • lower gas consumption





Ferroline C6 X1

Ferroline C6 X1 - Less welding fumes for greater workplace safety

In 2018 the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) reevaluated the risk of lung cancer from welding fumes and established a connection. The clear recommendation: Fumes must be reduced!

Our answer: Ferroline C6 X1

Reduce welding fume-related health risks right "at the source" with our Ferroline shielding gases, especially Ferroline C6 X1!


lasline h5

Lasline H5 - New shielding gas for laser hand welding

Messer offers a complete package of shielding gases for laser hand welding. Our newest product - especially for welding high-alloy austenitic steels: Lasline H5 (ISO 14175 – N5-NH-5). The formation of pores in particular is measurably reduced with Lasline H5:

Nested Applications

argon picture seam


argon table


lasline h5 picture


lasline h5 table


benefits 2

Your benefits:

lasline benefits


  • less pores
  • deeper penetration
  • less discoloration


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