Revised Application technology flour cooling in the Food & Beverages sector

Flour cooling

Before entering the kneader the flour temperature can be lowered by using liquid CO2


Flour is cooled with carbon dioxide before it enters the dough kneader. Cooling takes place through spraying with liquid CO2. By precisely metering the gas added, the flour temperature can be adjusted very precisely.


  • Dough is easier to process and is not sticky
  • Dough absorbs water more easily 
  • It does not rise too quickly after portioning 
  • Continuous and even production
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Optimal use of the cooling medium through direct contact with the product 
  • Simple installation of the refrigerant supply on the conveyor system 
  • Can be installed on all existing pneumatic and mechanical conveyor systems 
  • Avoids uncontrolled and unhygienic addition of ice to the kneader

The flour temperature can be set precisely before water is added, even when low dough temperatures (e.g. 12 °C) are required independent of the external temperature.   
Messer supplies a cooling unit tailored to your requirements as well as the required gas at certified food quality.

Revised Customer process flour cooling in the Food & Beverages sector - Bakery products

Flour cooling

Keeping the optimal temperature range

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