Revised Application technology freeze drying in the Food & Beverages sector

Freeze drying with liquid nitrogen

Cryogenic gases for the gentle drying of frozen substances under vacuum


The condenser used for freeze-drying is operated with liquid nitrogen. This provides a range of advantages compared to conventional methods: 

  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower service costs
  • Maximum energy utilisation  
  • High operational reliability
  • Requires little space
  • Gentle drying through low drying temperatures 
  • Preservation of cell structures 
  • Preservation of aromatic substances 
  • No losses in product
  • Shorter drying times
  • Environmentally friendly cooling medium  


Messer has developed the Cryodry process for freeze-drying. Solutions of temperature sensitive materials are first gently frozen and then dried under vacuum. Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is used as cooling medium both for the cooling loop and to cool the ice condenser. This makes it possible to set the condenser temperature at down to minus 100°C which greatly shortens the drying time and prevents thermally undesirable effects such as the destruction of cell structure.   

Revised Customer process freeze drying in the Food & Beverages sector - Dairy products

Freeze drying of dairy products

Removal of solvents or water

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