Revised Application technology foaming products in the Food & Beverages sector

Foaming products with gases

Propellant gases are used for foaming of dairy products.


Depending on the application, different gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide, are used for the foaming of food. 

The introduction and distribution of gas first produces a coarse-pored foam which however, during the foaming process, becomes more finer-pored and homogeneous in cell size. In this way, using an overpressure process, for example, the gas is introduced into the liquid or paste-like product. The mixing of the two phases takes place when passing through the mixer head. Through foaming, new product characteristics can be realised.  

Spray cream is filled with nitrous oxide. By activating the trigger, the nitrous oxide expands in the liquid cream and foams it up.


  • Weight savings compared to non-foamed products
  • New product characteristics (dietary, organoleptic)
  • Cost-efficient process

Messer provides the gases and all technical equipment to store these and introduce them to the product. 

Revised Customer process foaming products in the Food & Beverages sector - Dairy products

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