Revised Application technology electroslag remelting in the Iron & Steel sector

Electroslag remelting gases

Increasing production and efficiency with tailormade oxygen applications


  • Oxyfuel-process for block pre-heating 
  • Addition of inert gas during DESU process

In the oxyfuel process, the combustion processes are carried out by means of an oxygen burner (oxy-fuel burner), which is operated with pure oxygen or with oxygen-enriched air as oxidant. Messer has developed the Oxipyr burner family for this purpose. Compared to burners that use air as an oxidant, oxy-fuel burners have a number of process technology advantages.



  • Higher combustion efficiency
  • Higher melting performance
  • Faster heating-up times
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Higher processing temperatures possible
  • Faster reaction speeds
  • Lower exhaust gas levels
  • Less dust
  • Lower emissions
  • Lower production costs



In addition to the gases required for your process, Messer offers a variety of equipment for its optimisation under the brand names Oxipyr and Oxijet. 

In order to select the optimum system, experts from Messer first carry out a comprehensive process analysis. Following calculations and basic engineering, suggestions are made for optimisation and further procedures.

Oxipyr – Burner Technology

The characteristics of the burner types are multi-faceted and range from low to high momentum burners, oxyfuel to oxygen/air mixing burners and burners for different fuels or fuel combinations. The systems are controlled manually, semi- or fully automatically following compositions or temperature.

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Revised Customer process electroslag remelting in the Iron & Steel sector

Electroslag remelting

Efficient block preheating

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