Revised Application technology cooling in the Food & Beverages sector - Coffee

Cooling with gases

Treatment of coffee beans to end the roasting process


Cooling is carried out with cold, gaseous carbon dioxide or liquid carbon dioxide (Cofrosta-Process).


  • Rapid cooling of products in cold gas flow
  • Beans cleaned of roast residues
  • Reduced oxygen content in cold gas flow
  • Simple increase in performance of existing compressed air cooling
  • Simple integration into existing system

To end the roasting process cold CO2 gas can accelerate cooling. Pores on the surface of the beans are closed, thus reducing losses in aroma. Furthermore, the coffee beans can be cooled in an inert atmosphere, which improves product quality.

If the beans are swirled around in an expanding CO2 gas flow, more roast residues can be removed, which lends the coffee a milder aroma. 

Revised Customer process cooling in the Food & Beverages sector - Coffee

Cooling of coffee beans

Controlled cooling of coffee beans after the roasting process

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