Application technology boiler feed treatment in the Water utilities sector

Boiler feed treatment with nitrogen

N2 and feed systems for efficient degassing


Degassing of boiler feed water is an important treatment step required to ensure safe and trouble-free operation of steam boiler plants: Gases dissolved in the water, such as oxygen and CO2, promote corrosion and have a significant effect on the functionality and service life of the system. Therefore, it is important to reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in the feed water as much as possible.

A common process for this is membrane degassing. In this process, a stripping gas flows around the liquid to be degassed, separated by a membrane, with nitrogen being the preferred stripping gas. Due to the concentration gradient, oxygen and CO2 pass over to the gas side and are discharged together with the stripping gas flow, leaving behind the degassed liquid.  

In the ConHel® process, the feed water is degassed by sparging with nitrogen. For this purpose, nitrogen is introduced into a side stream of the feed water and then finely dispersed in the feed tank via the patented ConHel® nozzle. The added nitrogen lowers the partial pressure of oxygen in the water and expels it from the solution. The special geometry of the nozzle ensures a particularly fine dispersion of the gas, which creates a large phase interface and achieves a high residence time.  This, in combination with the direct contact of the sparging gas and the water, leads to efficient degassing.



  • Rapid and efficient degassing
  • Low specific nitrogen consumption
  • Residual oxygen levels below 0.01 mg/l achievable
  • Implementation in existing storage tank possible
  • Low investment costs
  • Little space required



Messer provides you with the complete gas supply including dosing and entry devices from a single source. In addition to our standard injection systems, Messer also develops customized systems tailored to your requirements. Furthermore, Messer has a large pool of rental hardware that can be made available for trials. This way, you can convince yourself of the advantages of the ConHel process in advance without any obligation.

Customer process boiler feed treatment in the Water utilities sector

Boiler feed treatment with Nitrogen

N2 and feed systems for efficient degassing

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